December Strava challenge: Cinders West on the OUZ / Zane State / MRC Campus

     Our group runs have wrapped up for 2017 but we want to stay connected with our running folks through the cold, dark winter months. So, we are going to run Strava challenges each month until March. This month will be the Cinders West segment out back of OUZ. 

Segment description:

     The segment starts on the cinders by the observatory (OUZ side of campus) and runs 0.9 miles until you reach the parking lot on the far side (ZS side of campus). This does include the one hill on the cinders track but a little elevation never hurt anyone. The segment map is posted below. 


     Run the segment as fast as you can and upload it to Strava by January 1st, preferably with a title along the lines of "REP segment challenge". What you ran before or after the segment is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is your time for the segment in December. 

     For your run to count as part of our challenge make sure you join REP's Running Club (use the Strava link to the left) and upload your file to Strava. When I look at the results at the end of the month I will only be searching through our running club so if you aren't in it you won't be counted. You can attempt the segment as many times as you want in the month. 


- Fastest male and female each month will receive 10% off a REP race in 2018. 

- The top results from each month will be posted on this webpage and shared through our social media.

Now, I realize with such awesome rewards their will be a strong desire to cheat (yes, that is sarcasm) but keep it clean and have fun.