• If you cancel before preregistration ends (typically one week out) we can refund your registration fee minus any transaction fees if they apply.
  • After the preregistration period ends we may be willing to transfer your registration to another race depending on the circumstances.
  • If you are a no show and do not contact us then the race fee plus anything that comes along with the race will be forfeited.

Possibly. Deer, rabbits, turkeys, and squirrels are commonly seen on the trails. However, bobcats, coyotes, snakes, bees, mosquitoes, poison ivy, etc have also been seen by runners. While most animals run when they see an approaching human please keep in mind that they can pose some danger and should always be avoided when encountered on the trails. 

Are there ever open run times?

No, but there are weekly club runs. Contact us for information on the club runs. 

What is the Refund Policy for races?

Have a question that is not answered below? Contact us! FYI, if you use this to try to sell us shirts, awards, etc I will ignore your e-mail so don't waste my time or your own. 

Do you always give out race shirts?

Dogs are not covered under our insurance, so no. We love dogs and you probably have seen photos of our dog out building trails with us but we cannot allow them at group runs or races

Physical address of races:  4695 Rucker Road, Mount Perry, OH  43760

Most races we do give race shirts to all the preregistered runners but we will also do hats, ski caps, and socks. We try to highlight the fact we are doing something other than race shirts on the race page if we are changing it up that race. 

Will I encounter wildlife on the trails?

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Is it OK to walk a race?

Absolutely! We do not have cut times for our races so as long as you are still progressing forward we will allow you to continue. Awards may begin before you finish but this does not preclude you from an award if you place in your age group. 

Can I bring my dog?