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 2017 Race Series Points

 2016 Race Results

 2017 Results

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 Legacy Points

 All-time Mileage

 All-time Wins

Too often the history of races and the runners who competed in them get lost over time. Events that operate for twenty years disappear with no written record to be found. Who knows if REP will be around a decade from now but we definitely will remember those who raced with us and their accomplishments. Our legacy page is here to celebrate those runners and keep track of some fun stats.

Quick guide to our legacy links:

  • Legacy Points: Points are awarded each race and the all-time leaders in points are listed here
  • Race Series Points: Points from this year
  • Race Specific Points: Points accumulated for a specific race
  • All-time Mileage: Who has run the most miles at REP
  • All-time Wins: Who has won the most races at REP​

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