2017 Changes

- The race series will consist of the six races listed above. Runners must complete at least three races to be eligible for the Runner of the Year award but five of the six will be counted towards series points. The lowest result will be dropped if a runner completes all six races. 

- There will be no Long Course and Short Course champion, just a Runner of the Year award for men and women. 


- Runner of the Year (both men and women) will be awarded $100 and receive free registration for all 2018 race series races (excludes special events and fund raisers). 

- The first tiebreaker for RoY will be the winner of head-to-head competitions. The head-to-head competition will include a dropped race if a racer has completed all six races. The second tiebreaker will be the total time of head-to-head competitions. 

-20k distance has been added to three of our races. The 20k will be two loops of the 10k course. Pre-registration price for the 20k races will be $35 and $40 the day of the race. The 5k and 10k prices have not changed ($25 pre-registration, $30 day of).

-A list of runners signed up for each race will be available on each race page.

REP Team Competition

REP will be hosting a team competition for the 2017 race series. Here is the basic info on the competition:

  • Teams will be made up of four runners
  • Runners can only be on one team
  • ‚ÄčTeams must be determined by the May Trail Race
  • Points will be assigned by age group placement with extra points awarded for top three overall
  • There is no penalty for a runner missing a race other than losing the points that he or she could have earned
  • There is no additional cost to be in  the team competition
  • The winning team will receive trophies at the end of the race series

I do have some runners looking for a team if you need a team member